james junda

Director and Principal Investigator

James grew up spending his summers on Cape Cod, where he developed the love for nature that would guide his life. Graduating from Oregon State University with a BS in Zoology, he quickly became involved in fieldwork and the joys of conducting real science in the wild.

Over the next 7 years, he studied wild birds, working with everything from ducks to parakeets to warblers, acquiring the experience and skills of a true biologist. It was during this time that he developed a love for banding; he has gone on to band over 20,000 birds in five countries. In 2011, James fulfilled a lifetime dream by returning to Cape Cod to establish a banding station on South Monomoy.

James completed a MSc in Wildlife Biology from McGill University, looking at the use of small drone helicopters to survey raptor nests (read the paper here). 

assistant banders

Elora Grahame, Frankie Tousley, Mikayla Thistle, Kevin Mortensen, Melanie Mancuso, Michael Novak, Claire Revekant, Elizabeth Baldwin, Keegan Tranquillo, Jessie Reese, Ayla Rimon, Aviad Tarab, Mike Arnold, Kate Rowe, Alex Chuman, Dana McCoskey


Valérie Bourdeau, Mary Lou Heintz, Jeannette Bragger, Peg Dolan, Warren Mumford, Nick Dorian, Teresa Corcoran, Tod Christie, Maureen Duffy, Karen Nassi, Lacey Greene

Monomoy Refuge Staff: Kate Iaquinto, Matt Boarman, Dave Brownlie, Nick Ernst, Michelle Avis, Stephanie Koch

Wellfleet Sanctuary Staff: Mark Faherty, Bob Prescott, Julie Towne, Melissa Lowe-Cestaro, Jenette Kerr, Emily Wolfe, Spring Beckhorn, Christine Harris Bates

Logistical, Emotional and Literary Support: Karen Nassi, Peter Paton, Scott McWilliams, Pamela Loring, Marcel Gahbauer, Chris and Mary Junda, Leslie and Ray Mitkus, Mike and Aleida Oneal